Quadra-Jet Style Carburetors

Stage One Build

Stage One QuadraJet builds consists of:

  • Disassembly and sonic cleaning.
  • Application of epoxy on all main well seals.
  • Baseplate disassembly and bronze oil-tite bushing installation if needed.
  • Replacement of choke pull-off if needed.
  • Re-assembly with new gaskets, needle & seat, float.
  • Adjustment of air door tension.
  • Testing on our DTS engine Dyno.
  • Verification of fuel curve and calibration.
  • No jets or metering rods are changed.
  • This is not a cosmetic build, no re-coloring is involved.

This build is essentially blueprinting the carburetor.


Stage Two Build

Stage Two consists of everything included in Stage One plus:

  • Main jets metering rods and emulsion circuits modified for specific application.
  • Idle circuit tailored to application.
  • Channel restriction orifices tailored to application.
  • Calibration of choke pull-off rate if needed.


QuadraJet Modification Options

Options available for any QuadraJet style stage or build.

  • Dichromate coloring.
  • Show color restoration : Special coloring, and plating of all linkage and hardware.
  • Installation of helicoil to fuel inlet.
  • Circle track conversion.
  • NHRA stock and super-stock modifications.
  • Electric choke conversion.